Games I Have Made

Hey everyone here are a few fun short games I have made. There is not much to them, really just a "time waster" game more than anything!

(Click on the photo to take you to that YouTube page and to get the download link!)

Look At The Nice Zombies Daddy!!! (2017)
I see zombies...I kill zombies!

 A Nice Stroll Through The Village (2017)
A little walk through a medieval village.

 My Zombie Game (2016)
Yep a zombie game...short and simple!

 Kill or Be Killed (2015)
With a title like that I bet you CAN'T guess what you need to do...

My Island ~A Walking Sim~ (2014)
My "real" first game but NOT by much...just walking.

Dead Range (2005)
NOT really a game but a funny, very short movie I made!

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